Flood Information for a Property
  • Last updated:
  • 01 Feb 2021

There are a several ways to find out about flood risks of specific areas of the Sunshine Coast. Find out about the flood risks for specific areas of the Sunshine Coast. 

Requesting flood information 

Before building or purchasing a property, owners and potential owners of a property should submit a request for flood information. This will help determine the property's flooding potential. You can obtain flood information search from council by:

Fees apply for these searches.

You can also find the estimated extent of the Flood Hazard Area on the MyMaps website.

Types of flood information searches

There are several types of flood information searches. The online options on MyCouncil include:

  • Advanced flood data provision
  • Drainage deficiency area survey
  • Flood info search - all other incl business & unit
  • Flood info search - self asses dwelling or vacant
  • Primary flood data provision

The basic search is the Flood info search. There are two options. Both of these flood search options satisfy the Building Regulations (2006). The searches declare:

  • the defined flood level
  • the flow velocity and the safety freeboard.

The option titled Flood info search – self assess dwelling or vacant is for dwellings or habitable floors. This search will provide the minimum design floor level as per the requirements of the Flood Hazard Overlay Code for accepted (self-assessable) development.

For development that is not accepted/self-assessable, the search titled Flood info search – all other incl business and unit is the relevant flood information search. Council takes up to 10 working days to provide a basic flood info search.

Flood levels provided on the basic flood info searches are generally derived from computer models. They may also include observed historic flood levels, where available and relevant.

Modelled flood levels provided on these searches are based on a theoretical design flood with a:

  • 1% chance of being exceed in a given year
  • 50% chance of being exceeded in a 70-year period.

Levels for this flood likelihood are provided for current and future climatic conditions. Future climatic conditions are based upon a planning period in the year 2100. It is this future flood that is referred to as the Defined Flood Event. The Defined Flood Event is used as the basis for determining building floor levels.

Current climate flood levels are provided to inform the buying and selling of properties. They are also relevant when considering flood insurance.

On some properties there are historic drainage problems where the lot may require works to improve the drainage. These lots are referred to as Drainage Deficient. The basic flood info search will identify if a lot is a declared drainage deficient lot that requires the additional works before constructing a dwelling on that lot. Council will contact you to advise that a Drainage deficiency area survey flood information search will also be needed.

The Drainage deficiency area survey flood information search provides the survey details of the earthworks required to address the drainage deficiency. This search takes up to 20 working days.

Other searches (required by professional engineers)

Primary and Advanced flood data provision searches provide information from council’s flood model. This includes:

  • design flood surfaces
  • flow or stage hydrographs, or
  • design rainfall information.

Before you submit a request for a flood data provision, please contact the Flooding and Stormwater Management Team on (07) 5441 8459. We will discuss your requirements and advise if your request is a primary or advanced flood data provision. Flood data provision takes up to 20 working days to provide.

Cancellations and refunds

You must submit a request for cancellations (and refund) before the search request is processed.

As the application process is automated, if you would like a refund, it is best to contact the Flooding and Stormwater Management Team directly by email hydro@sunshinecoast.qld.gov.au.

Newsflash subscription

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For more information, or if you have a query, please email hydrology@sunshinecoast.qld.gov.au.