Racemosa Environmental Reserve
  • Last updated:
  • 16 Oct 2019

Racemosa Environmental Reserve was purchased by council in December 2011 under the Environment Levy land acquisition program. Council has prepared a draft management plan which marks the final step in reserve establishment and guides the reserve for future operational maintenance and management.


The purpose of the management plan is to describe the reserves ecological, cultural, social, and economic values and express the associated management actions required to maintain or enhance these values over the next 10 years.

Community engagement

The draft Racemosa Environmental Reserve Management Plan was available for public comment in February 2016. The public was invited to have their say on the draft Racemosa Environmental Reserve Management Plan by providing a written submission. Copies of the draft plan were available for viewing at Beerwah, Caloundra, Maleny and Nambour libraries and council administration centres.

Submissions closed 4.00 pm Friday 26 February 2016.

Where to from here

All feedback will be addressed and respondent notified via email describing any changes that may have been adopted. The final plan will then be added to council's website.


Racemosa environmental reserve contributes 113.74hectares of land to the regions conservation estate, protecting wetlands and scribbly gum forest which represents one of the most extensively cleared vegetation communities on the coast.

The draft Racemosa Environmental Reserve management plan is a comprehensive report based on flora and fauna surveys conducted at this site, and includes an assessment of the sites land-use history, current habitat condition, and any future opportunities for conservation and recreation. The management plan is subject to a 10 year review.


For further information please contact council's Natural Areas Senior Programming Officer on (07) 5475 7331.