Pelican Waters Lock
Pelican Waters Lock
  • Last updated:
  • 22 Oct 2020

The purpose of the lock at Pelican Waters is to allow the passage of water craft between Pelican Waters Northern Lake and Lamerough Canal, while controlling a stable water level within Pelican Waters Northern Lake.


Council advised the community of its intent to cease the informal operation of the Pelican Waters Lock for flood control during high rainfall events.

Community engagement

Council invited the community to view the fact sheet and consultant investigation report and get involved in discussion about the Pelican Waters Lock. Feedback was requested to be sent to council prior to 31 May 2016.

Where to from here

Council is concerned about the risk to private infrastructure from the operation of Pelican Waters Lock for flood mitigation.

To ascertain whether there was a flood mitigation benefit from the operation of the lock during flooding, council engaged expert consultants to undertake flood modelling. 

The following information is a fact sheet that has been prepared and provided to residents as a mail out as well as the results of the consultants investigations:


Historically the lock has been operated for flood control at the request of some residents in the vicinity of the Pelican Waters Golf Course Lakes. Recent computer modelling by council's consultants, who have specific knowledge of the design of Pelican Waters Estate has determined that the operation of the lock gates has no beneficial effects in reducing the peak water levels in the golf course lakes and that the effects of opening the lock are limited to the Northern Lake only. This is because the large distance that water needs to travel between the golf course lakes and the Pelican Waters Lock, as well as the slow travel time, means that the water levels in the golf course lakes are unable to reduce quickly.

The lock was not designed for flood control and, as such the continued operation of the gates in this manner may result in significant damage to the lock structure and therefore it is not recommended as a routine method of operation.


If you require additional information regarding the proposal to cease operation of the lock for flood mitigation please contact council's Coastal, Constructed Water Bodies and Planning Manager on (07) 5499 5184.