Nambour Activation Plan
  • Last updated:
  • 19 Oct 2017

Nambour serves an important role on the Sunshine Coast, providing a large range of retail, employment and service needs for its residents and surrounding towns.


The Draft Nambour Activation Plan provides the framework to activate the streets and places of Nambour and enable local businesses and community to continue to energise their township and celebrate their place.

Community engagement

Consultation closed 28th August 2015.  

Where to from here

All submissions were used to inform the final Nambour Activation Plan, with council adopting the Plan at its Ordinary Meeting on 15 October 2015. Council will now work with local Nambour businesses and the community to implement the Plan.


Nambour is a well-resourced service centre with a diverse range of education, health and social infrastructure in close proximity to key growth areas and economic game changes on the Sunshine Coast. Nambour is well positioned to build on these valuable assets and look towards a bright future.

In February 2015, a two day ‘Nambour Place Creation Workshop’ was held to discuss the future direction for Nambour. Facilitated by Place Focus, the workshop was attended by community members and council officers and involved a placemaking and urban design skills training program, and a visioning and scoping exercise to formulate a place activation plan for Nambour.

From a combination of this workshop, placemaking studies and previous studies of projects in Nambour and the surrounding area a Draft Nambour Activation Plan was created.

Council endorsed the draft Nambour Activation Plan on July 23 for community comment.

This Activation Plan belongs to the community, local businesses and land owners. It is council’s intention to support and assist the implementation of the Activation Plan where appropriate; however the success of the Activation Plan rests with the community.

Now more than ever Nambour, and the surrounding towns, need to build confidence in the area as it reinvents itself as a thriving and extraordinary place to live, work and play.


For more information, please contact the Project Officer - Nambour via council's customer service centre on (07) 5475 7272.