Draft Koala Conservation Plan
  • Last updated:
  • 19 Oct 2017

Thank you to everyone who submitted comments on the Draft Koala Conservation Plan. Submissions closed 5.00 pm, 26 June 2015. 


The Draft Koala Conservation Plan is a five-year action plan that will guide the management and protection of the Coast’s koala population.

Community engagement

This is an important and valuable part of the process of developing and implementing the final Koala Conservation Plan and ensuring the document is accurate and usable.

Submissions closed 5.00 pm 26 June 2015.

Where to from here

The feedback received will be used to direct final amendments to the plan, which council aims to present at the ordinary meeting of council in November.


The Draft Koala Conservation Plan provides a realistic framework based on council and community partnerships and contains 30 actions to be delivered over five years.

The draft plan aims to:

  • determine where koalas exist on the Sunshine Coast and understand local threats
  • collect robust scientific data, including koala habitat mapping to inform management decisions
  • identify priority locations to enhance the quality of core koala habitat and improve connectivity
  • ensure development assessment processes support the protection of koalas and their habitat
  • highlight where mitigation measures are most required
  • guide community involvement in programs and partnerships that increase koala habitat availability, connectivity, build understanding and mitigate threats.


 For more information please contact council's Senior Conservation Partnership Officer via council's customer service centre.on 07 5475 7272 or email lfw@sunshinecoast.qld.gov.au