Dicky Beach Precinct
  • Last updated:
  • 31 Aug 2021
Council is developing the Dicky Beach Precinct Landscape Plan to help retain the area’s identity following partial removal of the wreck in July 2015.

The landscape plan will inform future precinct improvements and identify interpretive elements that remember the SS Dicky wreck.


Council received feedback from the Dicky Beach community, and will use this to gain a better understanding of your values, needs and hopes for the future of this area. Your feedback will help council develop a landscape plan for the Dicky Beach Precinct. The key project outcomes are to:

  • reflect the community’s vision, priorities and hopes for the future of Dicky Beach 
  • develop the precinct’s identity that draws on the significance of the SS Dicky wreck 
  • create a safe and usable precinct area that is high quality, comfortable, accessible and inviting 
  • improve the open space, recreation and play, social gatherings and arrival experience 
  • improve the connectivity to and through the precinct by the provision of desirable pathways, legible signage and complementary infrastructure. 

Community engagement

Council invited the community to submit feedback on how to improve the precinct area.

Submissions closed 5.00 pm 11 December 2015.

Precinct upgrades

Council will make minor improvements to refresh the existing streetscape and address pedestrian safety issues during the 2015/16 financial year. These improvements include reducing the bollards, removing the shade arbours and reviewing the current speed limit. Removal of the shade arbours is a priority due to safety issues (ie. visibility issues for pedestrians and timber failure) and is likely to occur before Christmas 2015.

Council will consider replacing the centre median arbour with one that does not obstruct sightlines, as part of the opportunities to incorporate SS Dicky interpretive elements within the streetscape and parkland to ensure the strong identity is retained within the area.

Where to from here

Council will develop a draft Landscape Plan for the Dicky Beach Precinct. This will be presented to the community for input and feedback in 2016.

Updates on the development of the landscape plan and upgrades within the precinct will be made available on this webpage.


For more information, please contact council's Project Officer on (07) 5475 7272.

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