Previous award recipients
  • Last updated:
  • 24 Sep 2020

Below is a list of past Sunshine Coast Australia Day Award Winners since the Sunshine Coast Council began in 2009. Council holds annual Australia Day Awards which celebrate the outstanding achievements of individuals and groups in the region.


Citizen of the Year – Mark Forbes

Mark and his wife Gayle started endED 4 years ago. They have two daughters with Bulimia and have been living and working with eating disorders for the past 20 years. Mark and Gayle began holding a parent’s and carers support group each fortnight at their home. As the demand for support began to increase they recognised the need to expand endED’s services. At this point they decided to devote themselves full-time on a voluntary basis to endED. They employed eating disorder recovery coaches to provide one-on-one and group support to eating disorder sufferers.

endED now provides nationwide support to sufferers and their families. Partnered with the Butterfly Foundation to construct a residential facility: endED Butterfly House. Mark has secured: 

  • $2 million in funding from the federal government
  • support from 35 local companies to the value of $800,000
  • has partnered with various community groups and allied health services to deliver a unique and innovative model of care for the treatment of ED’s. 

Senior Citizen of the Year - Mark Skinner

Mark has been chairman of The Board Meeting surf charity since its formation in 2004. He heads a small group of surfing businessmen and women to raise funds. These monies help local kids with disabilities and their families.

Mark owns and heads a very successful national business. He still finds 15-20 hours a week to

  • lead his charity team
  • coordinate events
  • seek sponsors
  • encourage supporters
  • interact with beneficiary families.

The Board Meeting has raised more than $1.5 million over 15 years for the families. 

Young Citizen of the Year - Ella Woodborne

Ella has become an inspirational role model to her entire school and beyond. She founded the ‘Grammar Green Team’. She is the primary spokesperson and director of this rapidly expanding school organisation. Grammar Green Team teaches others about the planet, its animals, plants, its strengths and weaknesses. Ella's constant, unwavering effort, determination and kindness aims to educate others. She explores new ways to help the Earth become a healthier planet. Each day Ella reviews and discusses worldly issues and conducts research.

Community Group or Organisation - Sunshine Coast Animal Refuge

The Sunshine Coast Animal Refuge (SCAR) has been operating for 40 years. The refuge is managed by a volunteer management committee and 250 volunteers. Volunteers care for cats and dogs, seven days a week. They also maintain the gardens, process donations, assist with fundraisers, operate a small nursery and provide administration and adoption support. SCAR:

  • operates a pet ownership education program for school children
  • provides support to people who are financially disadvantaged or homeless by caring for their pets.

Sport and Recreation - Robert Angus & Brendan Powell and Scott Park - Tied result

Robert Angus

Rob has been volunteering at the Nambour Little Athletics Centre since 2008. As centre manager he led the acquisition of government grants to purchase a full complement of equipment. Most recently, Rob obtained $35,000 in grants for the tartan long jump facility. Rob also mows and does line marking to maintain the pristine condition of the event facilities. He is the first to arrive and the last to leave. Rob also volunteers at the Sunshine Coast AFL Umpires Association and the Nambour Blue Demons Hockey Club.

Brendan Powell and Scott Park (dual nomination)

Brendan and Scott commenced with Queensland Oztag in 2009. They have worked tirelessly to build sport and recreation opportunities for all Sunshine Coast residents.

With passion they:

  • foster opportunity
  • encourage fun, inclusiveness and a sense of community through exceptional integrity and innovation.

Over a 10-year period their hard work has realised outstanding growth and success in Oztag. Together they have developed a highly professional sporting environment. It is inclusive and empowers participants from diverse backgrounds.

Creative - Jennifer Radbourne

Emeritus Professor Jennifer Radbourne has extensive experience in performing arts and academia. She has been supporting, promoting, mentoring, planning and helping the arts and creative sector her on the Sunshine Coast to grow. She is passionate about the coast's arts sector looking at ways she can:

  • progress individual artists and their work
  • develop audiences to ensure an ecology of sustainability.

Jennifer is an inaugural member of the SC Arts Advisory Board and chair of the newly established Sunshine Coast Arts Foundation.

Environment and Sustainability - Ten Little Pieces
Ten Little Pieces was founded by Alison Foley. The aim is to encourage everybody to make a difference to their environment by collecting ten little pieces of rubbish whenever they can. She’s been working tirelessly to reduce the amount of rubbish in our local communities. She has inspired hundreds of families to take care of the places they visit. This year Ali was the brain child behind a Cigarette Butt Voting Ballot Box at Alex Surf Club. Her initiative demonstrated a huge reduction in toxic cigarette butt litter.


  • Citizen on the Year, Debra Knight
  • Young Citizen of the Year, Evie Marshall
  • Senior Citizen of the Year, David Woodrow
  • Community – Group or Organisation, endED
  • Environment and Sustainability, Wildlife Volunteer Association (WILVOS) and Junior Eco-Leaders, Coolum and North Shore Coast Care (tied result)
  • Creative, Art on Cairncross
  • Sports and Recreation, Maroochy Athletic Club


  • Citizen on the Year, Bruce and Denise Morcombe (tied result)
  • Young Citizen of the Year, Olivia Lindsay
  • Senior Citizen of the Year, Donald Moffatt
  • Community – Group or Organisation, Daniel Morcombe Foundation
  • Environment and Sustainability, Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors
  • Creative, Judy Pippen
  • Sports and Recreation, Sunshine Coast Lightning


  • Citizen on the Year, Julie Penlington
  • Young Citizen of the Year, Jak Hardy
  • Senior Citizen of the Year, George Farmer 
  • Community – Group or Organisation, Innovation Centre, Sunshine Coast
  • Environment, Rhondda Alexander 
  • Creative, Robyn Ernst
  • Sports and Recreation, Ron Grabbe
  • Outstanding achievement Award, ‚ÄčLachlan Smart


  • Citizen on the Year, David Larkin
  • Young Citizen of the Year, Nathan Tressman and Brooke Pratt (tied result)
  • Senior Citizen of the Year, Anne Wensley
  • Community – Group or Organisation, Suncoast Community Legal Service
  • Environment, The Millington Family
  • Creative, Maria Salmon
  • Sports and Recreation, Marayke Jonkers


  • Citizen on the Year, Chris Turner
  • Young Citizen of the Year, Sarah Morcom
  • Senior Citizen of the Year, Prudence Cawley
  • Community – Group or Organisation, Police Citizens Youth Club (PCYC)
  • Environment, Derek Foster and Reef Check Australia (tied result)
  • Creative, Ferre De Deyne
  • Sports and Recreation, Julie Templeton


  • Citizen on the Year, David Dangerfield
  • Young Citizen of the Year, Bindi Irwin and Samara Welbourne (tied result)
  • Senior Citizen of the Year, Greg McKean
  • Community – Group or Organisation, Queensland Air Museum
  • Environment, Eumundi Wildlife Rehab Centre Inc.
  • Creative, Steven McLeish
  • Sports and Recreation, Tim Sheridan 


  • Citizen on the Year, Garry Church
  • Young Citizen of the Year, Adem Crosby
  • Senior Citizen of the Year, Esma Armstrong
  • Senior Citizen of the Year, Colin White
  • Community, Supporting Teenagers with Education, Mothering and Mentoring (STEMM)
  • Environment, Noosa and District Landcare Group
  • Creative, Jean Sandell
  • Sports and Recreation, Leanne Hipwood


  • Young Citizen of the Year, Ailish Bolt and Ashley Ogilvie (tied result)
  • Senior Citizen of the Year, Ruth Bode
  • Community, Jessie Wen Jie Li
  • Business, Ross Hopper
  • Environment, Kerry Jones
  • Creative, Jacqui O'Connor
  • Sports and Recreation, Gordon Howitt
  • Outstanding Achievement (Posthumous), Stan Tutt


  • Young Citizen of the Year, Manual Barth and Nathanael Ford (tied result)
  • Senior Citizen of the Year, Kevin Franzi
  • Community, Glenda Lloyd
  • Business, Amber Werchon
  • Environment, Leigh Warneminde
  • Creative, Cynthia Morgan
  • Sports and Recreation, Guy Tanner
  • Outstanding Achievement, Jessica Watson 


  • Young Citizen of the Year, Bianca Bond
  • Senior Citizen of the Year, John Cooke
  • Community, Dawn Wilson
  • Business, Donald McBryde
  • Environment, Vernon Flood
  • Creative, Ross and Tamsin Kerr
  • Sports and Recreation, Kristy Ellis
  • Posthumous Award, Allan and Kari Taylor


  • Young Citizen of the Year, Laura Monaghan
  • Senior Citizen of the Year, Malcolm Graham
  • Community, Valerie Zwart
  • Environment, Coolum District Coast Care Group
  • Creative, Lisa Chandler
  • Sports and Recreation, Roger Newton