Mountain Biking Map
  • Last updated:
  • 19 Sep 2018

Basic bike skills required. Relatively flat and wide firm surface.
May include short, flowing, single-track sections. Climbs and descents are mostly shallow.
No challenging features. Suitable for most people in good health.

Basic off-road riding skills required. Trail surface may be loose, uneven or muddy at times.
Some obstacles may be present. Climbs and descents are moderate but may include short steep sections.
A good standard of fitness can help.

Proficient mountain bikers with good off-road riding skills. Suited to off-road mountain bikes.
Variable surfaces, which may include loose rocks and obstacles. Challenging climbs and descents.
A high level of fitness and stamina is required. 'Downhill' style sections may exist including rock
gardens, drop offs, and jumps.