Cycling Reference Group
  • Last updated:
  • 27 Apr 2019

Cycling is a key part of a healthy transport system. It provides increased mobility and supports a sustainable economy.


The Cycling Reference Group helps council with cycling policies and strategies. It represents the 60,000 people who ride on the Coast every week. The group includes:

  • government agencies
  • businesses
  • retailers
  • clubs and interest groups.

The group assists council to deliver projects and programs the community values.


The Cycling Reference Group meets every two months. They have helped achieve a number of positive results. These contributions include:

  • playing a key part in the community consultation for council’s Active Transport Plan 2011 – 2031
  • helping to improve cycle safety by addressing issues raised by the community. Group members proposed and took part in research to make narrow bridges safer
  • working with the Department of Transport and Main Roads to deliver cycle lanes on David Low Way and Nicklin Way, as well as a major shared pathway connecting Pacific Paradise to Maroochy River Bridge
  • developing and delivering campaigns to encourage best behaviour by group riders
  • providing ongoing communication with the Sunshine Coast cycling community.


If you have any concerns or suggestions you would like the Cycling Reference Group to consider or for more information contact one of the group members or the Senior Transport Planner via council’s customer service centre.