Cycle safety
  • Last updated:
  • 09 Jul 2019

Residents' safety is a key priority for council, so council has constructed three bicycle education facilities for cyclists aged five and under.

The facilities at Noval Street at Aroona, Nanyima Street at Buddina and Raintree Boulevard at Little Mountain provide a safe learning environment for young riders. The facilities feature concrete bike tracks, roundabouts and stop and give way signs.

Cycling road rules

Bicycles are classed as vehicles when ridden on roads and cyclists must follow the same road rules as drivers.

To improve safety for cyclists, a few rules that may have seemed confusing or inconsistent have been updated. Whether you ride on two wheels, four or more, we all need to get along and share the road safely.

Motorists, remember to stay wider of the rider and have a little patience and courtesy for your fellow road users as they follow these rules.

To find out more, visit Queensland Government website and search 'bicycle road rules' or visit Stay Wider of the Rider road safety campaign.

On-road bicycle symbols

Due to the rise in the number of vehicles and bicycles on our roads, council has placed special markings on the road for the safety of all road users.

View the on-road bicycle symbols.

Tips for sharing roads

If you are riding a bicycle:

  • be considerate of drivers when choosing to cycle two abreast
  • indicate your direction of travel clearly and make sure you are easily seen
  • ride predictably
  • use hand signals
  • obey the road rules - rules apply to everyone not just drivers.

If you are a driver:

  • give cyclists space – at least 1 metre at 60km/hr or less, and 1.5 metres over 60km/hr
  • give way to cyclists and indicate
  • brake and wait until it is safe to pass a cyclist
  • look before opening your car door.

Tips for sharing pathways

All pathways in Queensland are shared between bicycles, skateboards, scooters and pedestrians unless otherwise signed.

Simple rules to follow:

  • everyone should keep left and give way to pedestrians
  • warn when approaching - cyclists use a bell, skateboarders call out
  • don't obstruct the path
  • stop and look before leaving the path crossing the road.

Download the Share our Paths brochure[4202KB] or contact council to order a copy.

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