Parklands Conservation Park
  • Last updated:
  • 19 Oct 2017
High Level Mountain Bike Terrain – with a trail grading of 3-5 (Blue to Double Black), this challenging rocky trail is set in over 30 hectares of open dry forest. With 44km of single track contour trails, there are numerous stream crossings and steep switchbacks that will keep even the most experienced rider on their toes.  
The Parklands Conservation Park provides riders with a variety of high level mountain terrain bike tracks, suitable for training and preparation purposes. Mainly open dry forest threaded with 44 km of single track contour trails. 


  • High-level mountain bike terrian
  • challenging well drained rocky trails
  • trail grades are 3-5 XC (blue to double track)
  • mainly open dry forest with 44km single track contour trail.


Parklands Conservation Park
Sunshine Coast
Qld 4560

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