A healthy environment
  • Last updated:
  • 04 Feb 2021


You did what?! A healthy environment

We enjoy a great lifestyle here on the Sunshine Coast, living among our beautiful environment. And at council, we are focused on a variety of ways to protect it including purchasing new conservation lands with your Environment Levy and expanding recreation and trail networks across the region.

What a year looks like*

  • 8,839 hectares of private land now managed for conservation under council’s Land for Wildlife Program
  • $845,000 invested in coastal dune rehabilitation and shoreline erosion management
  • Renewable energy generated by Sunshine Coast Solar Farm increased by 18 percent
  • Three properties totaling 56 hectares purchased to expand wildlife and native plant conservation corridors under the Environment Levy
  • Environment and Liveability Strategy secures more than 100 hectares of new land for conservation and recreation purposes
  • Launched Adventure Sunshine Coast to enable people of all ages and abilities to explore our land and water trails.
  • 46 community groups and partners participated in Community Nature Conservation contributing 15,055 volunteer hours.

* (2018-2019 financial year)

Environment and Liveability Strategy 

The strategy continues to provide a platform for how council and community manages and preserves our natural environment and the liveability of the region, 

Key achievements for 2018-2019 

  • Securing more than 100 hectares of new land for conservation and recreation purposes, bringing the total area of environmental reserve managed by council to 6909 hectares
  • Delivering Queensland’s first Disaster Resilience Plan to enhance the safety of the community
  • Progressing the Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy in partnership with the community - a long-term strategy to help manage the impacts of coastal hazards
  • Establishing partnerships with the Queensland Government’s Department of Environment and Science and Unitywater to implement an innovative blue carbon partnership for approximately 5000 hectares of the Maroochy River Floodplain - known as the ‘Blue Heart’
  • Gaining community support to pursue a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) Biosphere nomination to have the region’s sustainability story internationally recognised.

The Environment Levy at work

Council continues to expand and connect its land holdings for environmental purposes through its Land Acquisition Program. 

  • This year the Environment Levy contributed $2.28 million to purchase three new properties totalling 56 hectares to expand wildlife and native plant conservation corridors
  • Environment Levy funded conservation land now totals 3510 hectares
  • Total area of environment reserve managed by council is 6909 hectares
  • The Environment Levy contributed $714,000 to maintain Environment Levy conservation land and a further $570,000 towards establishing newly acquired reserves.

Bushland conservation

The Sunshine Coast Council region continues to have the largest Land for Wildlife membership of any council in Queensland with 1121 landowners currently registered within the program.

Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Land for Wildlife during 2018-19, council is proud to have achieved a total combined area of registered properties in the Sunshine Coast Council region exceeding 8839 hectares.

  • 10.7 hectares of land per 1000 residents was acquired through the Environment Levy for conservation and preservation purposes in 2018-2019.
  • 46 community groups and partners participated in Community Nature Conservation projects, contributing 15,055 volunteer hours, planting more than 42,081 trees and removing 3001 wheelie bins of weeds.