Your council at work


You did what?!

Council staff help look after our community’s beaches, bus stops, building applications, libraries, parks, roads, suburban improvement programs, swimming pools, venues … and much, much more!

A lot happens in a year! On behalf of the Sunshine Coast community, the council team has managed, collected, loaned, rescued, purchased, invested and protected. We’ve launched, cleaned, resealed, established and upgraded.

And now we’re ready to share what we have achieved. The Sunshine Coast Council Annual Report 2018-2019 outlines our team’s key achievements for the financial year ending 30 June 2019. 

  • Completed 1325 infrastructure projects
  • Collected 10.6 million kerbside bins (that’s 200,000 a week!)
  • Managed more than 1200 parks and gardens
  • Resealed 116 roads
  • Hosted 240,000 people at council-run events
  • Loaned out 2.4 million library books
  • Rescued 436 beach goers
  • Worked with volunteers to plant more than 42,000 trees
  • Purchased $244 million in goods and services from local businesses.

To learn more about the great work undertaken by your council team, download the Annual Report 2018-2019[14435KB] or read on to find out more about council’s key activity areas. You can also find out about previous annual reports.