Transcript of YouTube clip - Volunteers and Community Groups
  • Last updated:
  • 31 Aug 2021

Kay Maclean (Board Member Coalition of Community Boards): I’m Kay Maclean and I’m a volunteer on the Sunshine Coast and one of the groups I volunteer for is the Sunshine Coast Coalition of Community Boards. We started in 2013 and we were very concerned about how small to medium community groups were surviving. We wanted to see what we could do about bringing people together. The project in 2014, which was funded by Queensland Community Funding, was to collaborate between small to medium organisations across the Sunshine Coast and teach them some governance that would really help them to grow. And we wanted to focus on place based organisations, look at their regional issues and the regional solutions. So, we held governance workshops in each region and by upskilling board members and showing them that there are all sorts of skills that were important. So, we invited Council to be part of the Coalition and through that partnership we were able to get out to more community groups than we would have ever been able to on our own and we’re probably got 160 contacts now of different community groups across the region. So, we’re working with Council through their social strategy to find collaborations and places were we can reduce duplication. So, a strong foundation has been established which can flourish into mentoring roles and out of that I think with our relationship with Council, we’ll be able to help these community groups really survive. Working with Council has been great and we hope to continue to do so. Working to build a network of interconnected villages to build resilience and engagement across the community. 

Narrator: Our communities will continue to thrive when people are included, treated with respect and all have the opportunity to enjoy a lifestyle that sets us apart.