Transcript of YouTube clip - Austalia's Smart City
  • Last updated:
  • 31 Aug 2021

Narrator: We’re building Australia’s first truly smart city and on the Sunshine Coast we have the unparalleled opportunity to have innovation solutions built in from the ground up.  

John Knaggs (CEO SunCentral Maroochydore): The technology offer here is not just technology for technologies sake, it’s an enabler. This city centre is about people, it’s about commerce, it’s about culture and it’s about the community.

Birgit Lohmann (Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor University of the Sunshine Coast): The clean air, clean water, a low stress environment. We’ve got access to fantastic fresh food. You’ve got opportunities for recreation and exercise. That will be coupled with education, research and infrastructure that really promotes healthy lifestyles. 

Zach Johnson (CEO Spark Bureau Entrepreneur in Residence of Maroochydore City Centre): The future of the Sunshine Coast is very much our own economic base and one of the ways to create that and to foster it, to nurture it, is to provide more opportunities for more people to open their own businesses to create more interesting and innovative initiatives and to create more higher paying jobs.

Narrator: Future cities are smart, healthy and creative. On the Sunshine Coast the future is here.