Transcript of YouTube clip - Life in a Day
  • Last updated:
  • 31 Aug 2021

Mark Gessler (Parks Field Leader): The best thing about Council would be the large demographic of people you work with, I mean you work with people from various different cultures and there’s always opportunities to advance yourself and yeah it just depends on where you want to go, what field you want to specialise in and it’s a great place to work. Council want to be the most sustainable region that shows through from the CEO down. They really make the place look pristine, which it does, it’s immaculate. I’m a local man since 1993, had a previous life as a baker pastry chef, joined the Council and haven’t looked back. Living on the Coast is great, I mean I’ve got a young boy at home and beautiful wife and it’s close and convenient for everything. If you want to go into the Hinterland and have a cup of coffee up at Montville or Maleny and the beach, you got to love the beach.

Jenna Faith (Events Officer): My brother actually had a traineeship while I was still in school and he loved it so I looked at that and thought ‘that is amazing, I want to do that’. I work very closely with the galleries team, they have a new exhibition all the time. The libraries are amazing as well. Caloundra Music Festival is getting bigger and bigger every year. Most of the major festivals are in Brisbane or Gold Coast and you have to travel, now we’re bringing all the big acts here. I love pretty much everything about my job.

Tony Dougherty (Field Leader): I love people that I work with and the comradery of coming to the Council and coming to work and the use of water and what water can do is something I really enjoy. I had come from the sugar industry on the Sunshine Coast and that had closed down and I saw Council as a good opportunity to get a good job and you provide a good service, you’re doing something good for the community. I really enjoy the hours that the Council works and having the time off, being close to your family, going home in the afternoon at a reasonable time. I always tell people it’s a great place to work because of the variety that you can come into Council in a whole lot of different areas and have a great career. I was born and bred here on the Coast, gone to other places in the world but I’ve come back here and settled and had my children and have a really nice relaxing lifestyle here. It’s hard to go past it.

Georgia Keeshan (Graduate Engineer): I love the diversity that I get in working for Council, I love meeting new people and I do love helping the community and I chose it because it’s a stable job where I’m able to learn and it’s interesting. I’m a coastal engineer. Mostly we’re looking at any potential damage to infrastructure and as you can see here we’ve done some reprofiling of the beach. I came here initially for the weather, as most people do. After I moved up here I became a keen surfer. Yeah I find it really convenient, it’s just a really nice place to live and you’re close to Brisbane and you’ve got a decent airport. 

Gordon Agnew (Waterways Technical Officer): Most people in the waterways team enjoy their job and we’re really contributing to the Coast. I start at 6:30am and finish about 3:30pm so that gives me time to do a really good days work and then I also get time in the afternoon to spend with my family. I might go fishing or I might go surfing or go for a paddle. It’s just a good place to work and there’s a good group of people. 

Dean West (Environmental Visitor Technical Officer)
This as an office is a great spot to work, you know not many people get to have an office with a space like this. I love sharing the aspects of the environment with the public and helping them get an insight into how maybe the area looked a couple hundred years ago before the landscape was cleared. I get to see visitors from all around the country and even around the world.

Leah Bancroft (Project Coordinator): I love it. I think it’s full of a lot of motivated, hard working people and they just want to see the best outcome for the community because we live here too. I deal with major urban developments. These new projects are accommodating probably another 70 to 80,000 people on the Coast so the variety of people you get to work with from State Government to community and a lot of talented people internally as well. Finish work and be down the beach walking the dogs within five minutes. Yeah, there’s just a lot happening but it’s still got that good coastal vibe.

Mark Reynolds (ICT Services): I think the diversity of roles is always challenging. Sunshine Coast Council wants to be one of the first regions in Australia to adopt a Smart City platform. Using technology to improve the lifestyle of the community, reducing waste and being more efficient and connected with the community. It’ll be intelligent, for example bus services knowing whether there’s patrons actually waiting, down to street lighting, turning on lights when people are actually in the area so reducing wastage. Everything’s going digital and more people are becoming connected and social so it’s important that we tap into what the community needs. 

Craig Roberts (Safety Officer): The good thing about the Council and the airport management always put us through a lot of training. There’s people that work in my role, for example that are really well trained and you’ve got the same sort of qualifications of anybody in Australia. Everybody’s from a different walk of life but everybody seems to come together to work as a team. We’ve all here for one purpose and we know our roles and it all works. It’s the best place in Australia. Beaches, rivers, restaurants, anything you want to do everywhere. You’ve got good schools, the place is going ahead. We’re all excited about it, everybody you work with, you go wow we’re going to be part of this.”