Transcript of YouTube clip - Bankfoot House
  • Last updated:
  • 27 Jun 2022

Ron Gillinder (Bankfoot House): My name is Ron Gillinder, I’m from the Friends of Bankfoot House here in the Glasshouse Mountains. Bankfoot House is the oldest house in the Glasshouse Mountains and it was established by the Grigor family back in 1868. Sunshine Coast Council has owned the property since 2004 and in 2006 there was a community meeting to establish the Friends of Bankfoot House as a volunteer group. The Friends of Bankfoot House have been working here since 2006 and helping the Council to further their aims towards setting the house up as a museum. The heritage levy that was introduced by the Sunshine Coast Council helped us to build this facility that we’re currently going to use. The new Mary Grigor Centre, as it is known from today, is a purpose built facility which is an interpretive centre, it’s a workroom and store for the volunteers. There’s an archival store which will help to preserve the many photographs and documents that are in the collection. It’s also going to be the starting point for visitors to this area who want to look at Bankfoot House. So, bringing them into the interpretive centre where we can explain to them the history of the house, the history of the families who lived here will be much more comfortable for them and for the volunteers.

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