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    • 13 Nov 2019

    Our corporate plan guides everything we do from providing excellent day-to-day services to planning for the region’s future. 

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    Region making projects

    Have you heard of our ‘region making projects’? Here’s what you can look forward to:

    Maroochydore CBD 

    The new Maroochydore City Centre promises not only better shopping, dining and entertainment but also somewhere that prioritises walking, cycling and public transport. You’ll find up to 40% open space by 2040, with more opportunities for active recreation. Plus getting to and around the CBD will be quicker and easier thanks to public transport improvements.

    Sunshine Coast Airport Expansion

    From 2020 say goodbye to travelling to Brisbane for flights and hello to more destinations, airlines and options than ever before – all from your local airport.

    So whether you’re getting away for the weekend, flying up the grandkids or planning that overseas trip, getting home or away will be a breeze.

    Sunshine Coast Mass Transit Project

    Mass transit would not only provide a reliable, frequent and affordable public transport option, but would create 9000 jobs during construction and operation and inject $3.6 billion back into the economy.

    Sunshine Coast International Broadband Submarine Cable

    This project is forecast to generate up to $927 million in new investment for Queensland and over time, you can expect to see faster more affordable internet packages to choose from.

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