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    • Last updated:
    • 30 Aug 2020

    Our corporate plan guides everything we do from providing excellent day-to-day services to planning for the region’s future. 

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    Region making projects

    Perhaps you’ve heard of our ‘region making projects’ and wondered what that means for you and your family? Here’s a breakdown.

    Maroochydore CBD

    The new city centre will offer more jobs and more economic diversity so you and your family can look forward to more local career opportunities. Plus, with more open space there’ll be more opportunities for active recreation and outdoor activities than ever before.

    Sunshine Coast Airport Expansion

    From 2020 travelling by plane will become a whole lot easier with more carriers and more domestic international destinations on offer— say goodbye to heading to Brisbane for air travel.

    Sunshine Coast Mass Transit Project

    Leaving the car at home or ditching the second car could be a reality with mass transit. This project would provide a quick and efficient way to travel the coastal strip with seamless connections to other modes of public transport.

    Sunshine Coast International Broadband Submarine Cable

    Faster internet speeds and cheaper packages will provide better service for residents and more opportunities for digital businesses on the Sunshine Coast— that means more jobs in more diverse industries.

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