Corporate Plan video transcript
  • Last updated:
  • 27 Feb 2019
(Voiceover) Our Sunshine Coast has everything to offer, from an outstanding natural environment, to communities that are welcoming, inclusive and embrace both their past and the future.

Our region is also developing a stronger economy, one that will deliver the infrastructure and jobs that a growing community needs to thrive.

The Sunshine Coast is well on the way to being Australia’s most sustainable region – healthy, smart, creative.

(Mayor Mark Jamieson) The Sunshine Coast Council plays an integral role in supporting our community today, whilst shaping a future that will provide new opportunities and better access to services and facilities as the region continues to grow.

Our Council is doing this in a way that places a high priority on preserving the lifestyle and natural environment that's so important to our community.

That is the approach we take in delivering services to our community every day.

(Cr Tim Dwyer) We know the Sunshine Coast will continue to grow over the next 25 years – and Council’s new Corporate Plan will ensure our region is well equipped to meet the needs and expectations of a growing population.

Our Corporate Plan focuses on five key goals;

Fostering a strong community
Maintaining a healthy environment
Creating a smart economy
A commitment to Service Excellence
All underpinned by being an outstanding organisation

These goals drive how we deliver services to our community, whilst guiding our approach to the future.

(Voiceover) By 2020, Council will deliver the new international runway at the Sunshine Coast Airport, as well as facilitating the delivery of a new international broadband submarine cable network to the region. This will provide the fastest data and telecommunications connection from the east coast of Australia to Asia, from right here on the Sunshine Coast.

Our new city centre at Maroochydore will provide a central commercial, residential and entertainment precinct that has not been seen before on the Sunshine Coast.

These initiatives will strengthen our economy, creating new jobs that will enable more of our residents to work locally and pursue their careers.

(Voiceover with infographics – icons showing range of core services) Whilst these game changing projects will drive our region forward, Council continues to deliver a wide range of services every day - from maintaining parks and gardens, delivering and managing sport and community facilities to managing waste and keeping our beaches safe.

All delivered by a team of over 1,700 employees committed to providing excellence through service.

(Mayor Mark Jamieson) Council’s Corporate Plan for 2019-2023 will help to deliver our healthy, smart, creative Sunshine Coast now and well into the future.