Plant Behaviour


  • Date04 March 2021
  • Time3.30pm - 4.45pm
  • LocationArts & Ecology Centre, Maroochy Regional Bushland Botanic Garden
  • Price Free event

The dawn of the Cretaceous signalled the beginning of a long term relationship between the Plant world and the organisms that shared the planet with them.

Stories captured in the fossil record are shedding new light on how plants and their planetary cohabitants co-evolved. Often these created intriguing mutually beneficial relationships. Some of these mutualisms that have existed for thousands of years are still only recently being discovered in our local forests.  The stories told in the fossil record are challenging us to delve deeper into the evolutionary history shared by plants and the animals associated with them. 

This seminar looks at two very different, but intriguing, pollination systems occurring within South East Queenslands Eucalypt forests:

  • the grass tree (Xanthorrhoea johnsonii)
  • two cheese tree species (Glochidion ferdinandi and G. summatranum). 

Evolutionary pathways, in most cases, are constrained by ancestral traits that can be changed or modified over the passage of time.  We often study these systems at one such moment in time…but time, and the dance (between the plants and their associated animals) continues. 

Join Griffith University plant ecologist Dr Jacinta Zalucki for this fascinating insight into how even the smallest things can change the course of evolutionary history… a forest.


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