Living in the creative mind


  • Date15 October 2020 - 30 October 2020
  • Timevarious
  • LocationOnline
  • Price $15

Unlock the mysteries of creative thinkers! They are not crazy – or going crazy, they are just living with a creative mind. Inspiration and interactive input will not only help you become better at being creative, it will help you understand how the psychology of creative thinking actually works. What is going on in the inner world of creative thinkers? Why do they seem to operate differently than most? Find out with Zebra Collective.

Living in the Creative Mind - key note
Thursday 15 October, 50 minutes

This session is an interactive and highly visual journey into the psychology of creative thinking.

Based on the latest research we will look into how psychological features of creative thinking intersect with the creative process. Mysteries of the creative mind are explained with

  • powerful, easy to grasp diagrams
  • mental models
  • compelling stories and examples.

At the end of this session you will understand the creative process and be able to identify where creativity gets blocked. You will also understand why creative thinkers live a life that is a little bit like a roller coaster.

Finally you will learn a crucial strategy for being able to live with those ups and downs. This is a session is suitable for

  • people who identify as being highly creative
  • creative practitioners in either the arts and entertainment or entrepreneurship and innovation fields
  • people who live with creatives
  • people who work with creatives
  • managers of teams that involve creative thinking.

Living in the Creative Mind - tools for the anxious creative
Thursday 22 October, 45 minutes

One of the side effects of possessing a creative mind can be times of dealing with anxiety.

This interactive workshop is designed to arm participants with take home strategies to help in the management of anxiety and move to developing creative resilience. It uses compelling info-visuals and exercises that participants will do together.

Access to online resources designed for Creative Thinkers by Creative Thinkers

Every participant will receive a free access for a month to the Zebra Collective. This online pool of deep wisdom has been curated by Jeff and Julie from exclusive interviews conducted with high performance creative thinkers and practitioners from around the globe.

Access to the Zebra Collective gives you access to hundreds of 5 minute videos. These have highly accomplished, highly experienced and well known creative practitioners talking about managing their well being, creative process and professional relationships with others. Interviewees include:

  • Tim Farriss from INXS
  • Actors Equity President Chloe Dallimore, Grammy Award winning artist Kimbra
  • advertising and branding guru George Lois.

You will know you have access to the Collective when you start receiving the daily email – designed to stir your creative juices.

One on One mentoring session on Navigating the Creative Life

Two lucky prize winners will receive a one hour zoom mentoring session with Jeff Crabtree. Jeff specializes in helping creatives and creative organizations build and maintain constructive creative ecosystems.

Based on his extensive research into workplace toxicity, he comes armed with frameworks that help deliver more nourishing environments and turn conflict into collaboration.

This event is presented by  fabric Slow Fashion | Artful Living program in partnership with the University of the Sunshine Coast.

fabric is supported by the Regional Arts Development Fund and council’s Living Smart program.


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