Why Sunshine Coast
  • Last updated:
  • 07 Oct 2020

The Sunshine Coast has long been a proven destination for event promoters, participants and their families and friends. There are many reasons why the region has established a reputation as a destination of choice as a host for major events.

Holiday Destination = Increased Event Attendance - Key Revenue Driver

The Sunshine Coast regional brand as a desirable visitor destination drives attendance for major events. Participants choosing event options from a crowded national calendar are drawn to the region’s attractions and climate – not just for their chosen event activity, but also for the vacation and relaxation options available during their stay.

Infrastructure, Venues and Facilities

The region has both natural and man-made assets at its disposal to offer promoters. All types of major events are well accommodated, either along the beaches, roads or pathways, or at stadiums or public venues.

Available, Accessible and Affordable

The Sunshine Coast is easily accessible with its own international airport, train stations and only one-hour drive from Brisbane. It also offers an extensive range of accommodation options of all types and for all budgets. More than one million potential customers live within a 45-minute drive.

“Welcoming Culture”

Sunshine Coast residents are known for their welcoming and visitor friendly culture. The tourism industry is one of the region’s largest employers, with strong support across all elements of the community. This helps make event promoters’ lives easier by making visitors feel valued and appreciated.

Experienced Event Industry

Key stakeholders across the industry have years of experience in the events business. From State and Local Governments, Tourism, Police, Emergency Services, Department of Main Roads, public transport organisations, National Parks and the University of Sunshine Coast – all of whom work in cooperation to deliver best results for major events
and the wider region. Years of hosting successful major events has also stimulated the creation of a well-resourced and experienced event supplier network.

Investment in Tourism

The Sunshine Coast community is committed both strategically and financially to invest in major events that bring benefits to the region. Council provides significant investment through the Major Events Sponsorship program to provide direct funding support to targeted events. A dedicated team of major events and tourism staff work with all sponsored events to negotiate Council support and provide specialised local advice and guidance.

Contact Us

For more information about staging a major event on the Sunshine Coast contact our Major Event Liaison Officer on 0409 365 143 or email suncoastevents@sunshinecoast.qld.gov.au.