Making the most of 2021 with major events
  • Last updated:
  • 23 Feb 2021

Major events are a strong focus for Council. They attract visitors to the region in off peak tourism seasons and build our reputation as a great visitor destination.

The growth of our national profile from sponsored major events has been strong in recent years. We've attracted large, new events covering:

  • professional and participation sport
  • local food and beverage
  • arts and culture.

Throughout 2020 in rapidly changing COVID times, Council took a holistic approach to help the local event industry survive long term. This included:

  • assisting events to postpone or adapt to new environments 
  • assisting with the challenges of developing COVID Safe plans for complex events
  • developing COVID Safe plans for our venues
  • working individually with all local sponsored events to adapt and amend contracts where possible to continue to support the local businesses behind each project.

In 2021, Council will continue this holistic approach and support the region to host world class events which attract visitors and promote the Sunshine Coast as an event destination.