scene past workshops
  • Last updated:
  • 16 Sep 2020

The Sunshine Coast Events Network (Scene) has run a range of useful workshops for people who are new to the events industry, are looking to run a new event or would like to develop existing skills.

2018 – The Event Plan

This full-day workshop was held on Friday, 25 May 2018 and focused on the planning of events.

During session one, Sunshine Coast Council staff walked participants through event management basics; how to apply for a council permit, the community grants programs and how to run more sustainable events.

Session two featured industry experts who presented on various areas of event management and planning:

• Safety and security – mitigate risk and protect attendees
• Sponsorship – finding, servicing and retaining funding partners
• Social media – draw a crowd and increase recognition

Speaker presentations can be found by following the links below:
Event Management - Katherine Morgan & Jenna Faith
Event Permit Process - Narelle Roberts
Major Event Sponsorship - Peter Egan
Community Grants - Della Minette & Jason Erbacher
Sustainable Events - Ros Potter
Safety & Security - Andrew Murray – ERMS Group - Event Risk Profile & ORMP
Sponsorship - Dr Lenny Vance – USC
Social Media - Susan Maynard – digital and tourism specialist
Event Awards - Liz Rivers – event organiser 

For event planning templates and resources, visit the scene Community Kit

2017 - Protecting Crowded Places: The Event Manager's Duty of Care 

Andrew Murray from ERMS Group and Sgt Rick Liddy from Qld Police Service (QPS) lead an informative session on protecting people in crowded places and events.

Venue and event managers have a responsibility to be aware of and understand the security measures which may need to be considered when planning events, Australia’s Strategy for Protecting Crowded Places from Terrorism can provide some guidance around this.

Protecting Crowded Places workshop presentation slides.

Crowded Places self assessment.

Crowded Places scenario document.

For further information about the Strategy visit the National Security website.

2016 Workshops

The Social scene

Loris Gordon from The Various Artist demonstrated the power of the hashtag and the benefits of understanding and implementing the right social strategies for events.

The Social Scene workshop presentation slides.[674KB]

Marketing, Media and Evaluation Workshop

Helen Perry from Fresh PR and Marketing, Leigh Robshaw from My Weekly Preview and David Gration from Event Tourism Associates shed some light on marketing, media and evaluation for events.

Marketing, media and evaluation workshop presentation slides[995KB][994KB].

Volunteers and Finance Workshop

Graeme Murphy from Volunteering Sunshine Coast and Steve Connelly from CPR Group presented on recruiting volunteers and how to create event budgets.

Sponsorship Workshop

David Gration provided tips for seeking sponsorship for events and Hayley Saunders from Bendigo Bank provided a sponsor’s perspective to financing events.

Sponsorship workshop presentation slides[3551KB].

Event Management Workshop

Two expert speakers, Krista Hauritz and Vickii Cotter presented on business planning and tips and tricks for event delivery and logistics respectively.

Event management presentation slides[7270KB].

2015 Workshops

People power

Andrew Murray presented a workshop on risk and safety and Robyn Lange Cork spoke about ‘the language of success’.

People power presentation slides[1760KB].

Leveraging your event

Rosanna Natoli presented on ‘what journalists want’, Richard O’Leary discussed how to write a media release, Julie Cullen shared tips for leveraging with the RTO and Caroline Campbell delivered a speech on sponsorship success.

Leveraging your event presentation slides.

Fund-finding mission

Leonie Murray presented on the seven pillars of funding: grants, donations, memberships, crowd funding, events, sales and sponsorship.

Fund-finding mission presentation slides[571KB].