XFire Games Pty Ltd
We have recently moved from Townsville to Brisbane and are a family owned and operated business providing mobile sports entertainment. Our sports are - laser skirmish, archery skirmish and hoverball. We can setup battlefields in most backyards, parks, sporting fields, bush lands, car parks, schools, both indoors and outdoors. Because we set up everywhere and anywhere, our sports can be accessed by people from all walks of life. Below are the types of events we work with - Private Parties - from birthday's to bucks and hens to "we don't need a reason". Vacation Care - ABV's and OSHC's we have special programs just for you... Fete and Festivals - Because we use high end equipment, means we can work on a huge scale. Team Building - on field training as well as the thoery to highlight strengths and weaknesses. Youth Groups - we have exception experience in the field - we know how you roll 😉 We have opened the door to mobile next Gen gaming and in turn, created a new found culture in active sports. XFire Games will continue to lead the way bringing with it a very diverse following of players, from Mum’s to Army Officers, 5 year olds to fitness groups, gamers to sports teams.
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    XFire Games Pty Ltd
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    Brendan Ellwood
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    20 Rebecca Crescent
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    We are a mobile business operating throughout Brisbane, Sunshine Coast
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