Who's Hungry
The Coasts' only Eco-Friendly Mobile Coffee & Food/Mobile kitchen trailer, powered by solar/gas/food safe sealed batteries with double filtered fresh & waste watertanks(self contained) it can be used as a mobile kitchen without any utilities required. If power available than more food lines available ie deep fryers for hot chips pies etc. We make Fair Trade Barista coffees,hamburgers, hotdogs, bacon/egg rolls, cold drinks,milkshakes, icecream cones. Available for fetes, sporting events, carnivals, off site functions, auctions. We can adjust our menu so as not to compete with your menu, (so we could only do coffees). We also assist with fund raising events.
  • Business name:
    Who's Hungry
  • Contact:
    Lindsay Burley
  • Street address:
    69 Buderim Pines Drive
  • Mailing address:
    69 Buderim Pines Drive Buderim Qld 4556
  • Telephone:
    0407 424 203
  • Fax:
    07 5444 5455
  • Email: