Wheeliekleen provides a professional affordable high-pressure bin cleaning service to all businesses and households. Using the latest high-pressure clean, capture and recycle technology our eco-friendly mobile bin cleaning system uses a unique cleansing process that is unmatched for its efficiency and hygiene standards. Our system kills 99% of germs, manual cleaning won't. All sizes of bins are cleaned, disinfected and deodorised on-site with minimal impact to the environment. Our mission is to provide the public and businesses with an affordable hygienic bin cleaning solution whilst protecting the environment and conserving water. We are dedicated to contributing towards a sustainable future and follow the strict guidelines of the Environmental Protection Agency. Wheeliekleen bin cleaning services also ensures compliance with Council’s health and environmental laws by eliminating bacteria and viruses, which can cause salmonella, E.coli, gastroenteritis, rotavirus and other disease. We are also OH&S compliant. If you would like any further information, or a free no obligation quotation please do not hesitate to contact us on 0423 175 183 or via our website at www.wheeliekleen.com.au.