Native Swimwear Australia
Native Swimwear Australia is a luxury Indigenous fashion label leading the way in sustainability. Native Swimwear Australia (NSA) is proudly owned and operated by multi-award winning Indigenous fashion designers and made on the Sunshine Coast from the highest quality sustainable fabrics. Doing their part to clean up our polluted ocean, NSA make their swimwear from recycled plastic bottles and fishing nets found in our oceans, their 100% silk resort wear is eco-friendly too being made from silk worms. Native Swimwear Australia work closely with Indigenous Artists to feature Authentic Indigenous Australian prints sharing the Indigenous Artist’s traditional Dreamtime stories with the world through fashion. Every NSA print is exclusive to NSA through license agreements; NSA embraces Fair Trade principles with monies from each garment going back to the Indigenous Artist. Each garment is handmade and inspired by their Indigenous culture, some feature traditional weaving, some are made to support, and every swimwear piece has a sun protection of UV50+. Native Swimwear Australia is designed to cater for all women to feel confident and comfortable.