ERMS Group
Emergency and Risk Management Services Group (“ERMS Group”) was formed out the identified need to address the deficiency in organisations catering for festivals and events held by not-for-profits and community groups. ERMS Group comprises of three distinctively individual organisations that provide independent risk, emergency and safety management consultancy services to various business, not-for profit organisations, events and festivals all over Australia. Starting in 2006, and now incorporating Festival Safety Solutions and the Critical Incident Response Group, ERMS Group has grown to be an industry leader in the provision of operational risk, safety and emergency advisory services not only in Queensland, but across Australia. Making the right decision in the beginning is crucial to the success of any organisation; however when it comes to safety, risk and emergency management this usually requires specialist assistance. Many organisations do not have in-house experts or the available resource. ERMS Group has expanded its portfolio of clients from events and festivals, to include safety, risk and emergency management services to: - Development of a risk management framework for a water utility - Development of an OHS management system for a large stadium in SE Queensland - Facilitation of a community consultation project as part of a disaster recovery project - Facilitation of emergency and security exercises for various industries and clients. Our Mission “To provide sound advice and operational support that allows for clients’ continuity of operations through the provision of a professional and tailored approach to risk, safety and emergency management through the application of legislation, standards and industry best practice.”