Gates at the entry to Buderim Community Memorial Park, Main Street, Buderim, 1953.
Cultural Heritage Levy Program 2016 - 2017
  • Last updated:
  • 26 Jun 2017

Details of the Heritage Levy budget program

Cultural Heritage Levy Program 2016 - 2017
Reference Program Description  Funds
1.1.2 Heritage Study Heritage study of the Sunshine Coast - preparation of revised Council list of heritage places
1.2.1 Digitisation plan and
regional digitisation program
Staged partnership project over three years with museums and historical societies and SCC Heritage Library to identify and digitise key regional collection items $9,000
Theme Total Annual Expenditure $104,000
2.2.1 Community based heritage resources Prepare informative resources for council and the community to assist in the practical conservation of heritage assets $5,000
2.3.1 Facility Management Bankfoot House maintenance and conservation requirements $25,000
Mary Grigor Centre operational and programming costs $40,000
Fairview maintenance and lease costs $1,000
Facilitate adaptive re-use of council's heritage facilities,
with the aim of achieving sustainable use outcomes - Community Halls program
2.5.2 Collection Conservation review Bankfoot House collection conservation needs assessment as per Bankfoot House Conservation Management Plan $10,000
SCC Heritage Assessment Heritage Assessment reports supporting informed heritage planning for council $20,000
Heritage Collection Implementation of conservation plans for council's heritage collection $5,000
Theme Total Annual Expenditure $126,000
3.1.1 Sunshine Coast Heritage Reference Group Community reference committee advising council on heritage and levy matters $3,000
3.1.3 Investigate incentive models and alternate support options for owners of heritage places Pilot incentive program to support conservation and maintenance works for privately owned heritage listed properties (commencement post-finalisation of SCC List of Heritage Places).
Advisory services to private owners of heritage listed places
3.2.1 Cultural Support Programs (Aboriginal Traditional Owners / Claimants and DASSI peoples) Aboriginal cultural heritage projects developed in collaboration with Kabi Kabi, Jinibara and DASSI peoples $25,000
Grant program: Community Partnership Funding Program Support for core operational expenses for community heritage organisations
  Signature Heritage Programs Continue to support heritage related events, activities and programs via the Heritage Levy which maximise community participation and involvement

Heritage Futures Fund Sinking fund to support major and emergent heritage infrastructure projects as identified in Heritage Plan 2015 2020 (based 33% Levy revenue)
Undertake engaging interpretive works that support the understanding and experience of our heritage
Support the enhancement (e.g. beautification, interpretation) of heritage places that will assist in experiencing and understanding the heritage of the Sunshine Coast in collaboration with heritage network and peak heritage bodies
3.3.3 Open House program Signature cultural tourism program aiming to engage communities in significant contemporary and heritage places of the Sunshine Coast
3.4.1 Heritage Network Development program Professional business and skills development and networking opportunities supporting regional heritage sector
Grant program: Regional Caring for Collections Grant program for community museums aimed at supporting exhibition and conservation of significant regional non council heritage/cultural collections and public programming
Theme Total Annual Expenditure $594,520
4.1.1 Develop marketing plan to guide the promotion and awareness of the region's heritage
Develop internal and external marketing strategies to guide the promotion of the region's heritage, and raise appreciation and awareness within council and the general community $10,000
4.2.3 Develop marketing collateral Heritage marketing, digital stories, collateral and promotional initiatives
4.2.4 Interpretive trails, signage and exhibitions
Expand the existing heritage trails and promote these to the broader community and peak tourism bodies
Theme Total Annual Expenditure $75,000
Levy Management
Levy administration costs
Costs associated with resourcing Levy delivery requirements - Council Resolution (SM11/35)
Theme Total Annual Expenditure $162,000
Projected Total Expenditure $1,061,520