People boarding the river boats, 'Vera' and 'Favorite', at Cotton Tree Jetty, ca 1925.
People boarding the river boats,
Digital Stories
  • Last updated:
  • 15 Sep 2016
Digital stories highlighting the region’s colourful characters of the past and present.
  • Ashley Robinson

    Long-standing coast identity Ashley Robinson is normally known for his footballing prowess, his high profile in the hospitality industry and his Sunshine Coast Daily column. Here we see Ashley’s contribution to our community through his inspiring acts of charity.

    A charitable heart
    [Length: 4 minutes 49 seconds]

  • Australian South Sea Islander - Visit to the Old Place, Bli Bli

    The South Sea Islander community gather together for a visit to the old place near Bli Bli.

    Old Place digital story
    [Length: 8 minutes 43 seconds]

  • Australian South Sea Islander - Pam Blackman

    Pamela's grandmother was collecting salt from the sea in 1894 when she was mesmorised by a sailing ship and was taken to Australia.

    Pam Blackman digital story
    [Length: 6 minutes]

  • Australian South Sea Islander - Rex Eggmolesse

    Rex's grandparents were taken from Santo Island in Vanuatu during the Blackbirding years.

    Rex Eggmolesse digital story
    [Length: 7 minutes]

  • Australian South Sea Islander - Sonny Byquar

    Sonny's family came from Vanuatu and the Solomons, in his working years he cut sugar cane by hand in the fields around the Sunshine Coast.

    Sonny Byquar digital story
    [Length: 6 minutes]

  • Bankfoot House - Bill Ferris

    Bill Ferris remembers the early days of Bankfoot House.

    The Many Lives of Bankfoot House digital story
    [Length: 3 minutes]

  • Bankfoot House - Ethel Burgess

    Ethel Burgess tours Bankfoot House and invokes memories of her grandmother from room to room.

    Memories of Clementina Burgess digital story
    [Length: 4 minutes 33 seconds]

  • Bankfoot House - Mary Grigor

    Delve into Our Heritage, Our Stories through the life of Mary Grigor, Bankfoot House pioneer. 

    Mary Grigor digital story
    [Length: 15 minutes 5 seconds. Date: 2015]

  • Bill Wallace

    Bill Wallace, Pioneer surfboard maker in conversation with surf journalist Phil Jarratt.

    In Conversation with Bill Wallace
    [Length: 6 minutes 23 seconds]

  • Fairview - Jean Larney

    Jean Larney remembers the share farming years at Pattemore’s farm in north Maleny.

    Share farming at Pattemore’s farm
    [Length: 4 minutes 54 seconds]

  • Full Steam Ahead – Stories of Buderim-Palmwoods Heritage Tramway

    Step back in time and discover the significant impact the tramway 1914-1935 had on our region’s rich heritage. The film outlines the unique role the tramway played in the life of the community, local economy, holiday makers and the Sunshine Coast landscape.

    Full Steam Ahead: Stories of Buderim-Palmwoods Heritage Tramway
    [Length: 13 minutes 7 seconds. Date: 2016]

  • Full Steam Ahead – Stories of Nambour-Mapleton Heritage Tramway

    Sharing community memories surrounding the light railway that operated from 1915 to 1944.

    Full Steam Ahead – Stories of Nambour-Mapleton Heritage Tramway
    [Length: 13 minutes 20 seconds. Date: 2016]

  • Indigenous - Dale Chapman

    The humble bush tomato ignited Dale Chapman’s passion for bush food.

    Bush food journey with Dale Chapman
    [Length: 4 minutes 54 seconds]

  • Memorably Moffat - Beach House Stories

    Memorably Moffat celebrates the history and the stores of traditional Moffat Beach houses. These places and the stories of those who lived or holidayed in them helped to shape Caloundra’s heritage and community identity, capturing the iconic Australian coastal lifestyles.The Memorably Moffat project is supported through funding from the Australian Government’s Your Community Heritage Program.

    View the documentary trailer
    [Length: 22 minutes 25 seconds. Date: 2015]

  • Time and Tide – The SS Dicky Story

    Time and Tide – the SS Dicky Story shares memories and stories surrounding the SS Dicky, shipwrecked at Caloundra during heavy seas in February 1893. Recorded on the Sunshine Coast as part of the SS Dicky Relocation project, an initiative of the Sunshine Coast Council, 2015, in partnership with the Friends of Caloundra Lighthouses. Time and Tide – the SS Dicky Story is a Sunshine Coast Heritage Levy initiative.

    Time and Tide digital story
    [Length: 22 minutes 25 seconds. Date: 2015]