Public art spotlight
  • Last updated:
  • 07 Oct 2020

Inspired by nature, and created using innovative technologies, the Sunshine Coast’s newest public artwork has emerged in the heart of Caloundra’s CBD.  

The work is the result of a collaboration between Sunshine Coast artists, Simone Eisler and Russell Anderson.

The artists met around 20 years ago, but only now have they had the chance to work together on a public art project 

The work was created using virtual reality headset and graphic imaging programs. The forms were inspired by the images that had been hand-drawn by Simone.

The forms were then printed in stainless steel using 3D printing technology and then polished by hand before being installed.

Emergence consists of many, small-scale elements inspired by ocean life. Each piece providing a discovery moment as they emerge out from unexpected spaces.  

The artwork is located at the end of Minchinton Street and The Esplanade boardwalk. Featuring a fun and playful interactive lighting element that responds to movement. 

Emergence is a wonderful addition to the urban streetscape.