Dingle Wall (PA214)
    • Last updated:
    • 05 Jun 2019

    Artists Steven Bordonaro and Cassie Munson transformed the once unsightly, graffiti-covered wall into a magnificent wayfinding mural. The artwork, which represents all things Caloundra, has become a well-loved local icon. The inspiration for this wall mural came from artist Steven Bordonaro's love of this beautiful town and his desire to share the assets of this town with the local community and tourists. Steven and budding artist Cassie Munson brought colour and light to the wall with this vibrant piece linking the past to the present. It is designed to be a non-offensive and 'happy' wall, which brings a smile to all ages. For the local artist, this was a 'dream-come-true-wall' - to fulfill his aspiration to transform the neglected wall into a vibrant mural which instills pride in the community. Located at the top end of Bulcock Street Caloundra.