Beerwah Underpass Gallery (PA152)
    • Last updated:
    • 04 Jun 2019

    The original Beerwah Underpass was painted in 2009 by the Nowhere Art Group.

    "The idea is that the mural will prevent opportunities for illegal vandalism while providing a theme of pop culture references young people and the community could identify with. There are cartoon characters, musicians and mainstream imagery, then we have pineapple-filled motifs in celebration of the farming community, sports and recreation images and flora and fauna related to the area. It's a combo mash, with the whole piece divided up into eight panels, so the murals link into each other."

    Community input ensured the mural represents the views of the local area. The materials were supplied by the state government, the artists worked voluntarily.

    In April / May 2012 the Nowhere Art Group repainted the internal walls of the Underpass. The group made up of local artists returned to work on the collaboration by filling the space with contemporary art based on the theme of pirates. The theme was identified from conversations with young people in the area.

    The mural was planned to be an ongoing program of community engagement and public space beautification and this new iteration by David Houghton and EJ Zyla was funded through RADF artist funding. It included a series of interactive programs mentoring early development artists through utilizing permission "legal" walls to develop skills needed to acquire and execute further work. These walls are located at the Beerwah Pedestrian Underpass Tunnel.