Coral Sea Motif (PA195)
    • Last updated:
    • 04 Jun 2019

    'Coral Sea Motif' is a three-dimensional artwork (wood construction mural as 9 individual panels) specifically created as an experiential demographic about Australian surf culture by Blair McNamara. It is located along David Low Way Coolum, near the Coolum Caravan Park.

    'I used the universal shape of a fin to tell some of my personal stories about Coolum. 'Coral Sea Motif' directly stems from a series of surf-art works I created during the 90's and this is my first time to re-work this theme of my art. The background horizontal timbers reference a traditional translation of 'Coolum' as a place-name meaning 'plenty of water'. The planks vary in thickness, width and colours to also express Coolum as a contemporary culture with a territorial brand - its own unique currency - similar to how Anglo tartans designate family or a barcode on a pineapple tin. The overlaying individual, fin shapes represent our current generations and surfers, with our ancestors anchored as a Polynesian-styled relief panels. Some fins or blanks sitting within these panels symbolise local fatalities and other stories. The smallest fin shapes are grommets or community potentials. During the process of creating this mural other personal stories of Coolum came to mind. I can still remember the intimidating smell of rust, diesel and salty cement where surf-boats and surf-craft were stored. As I pieced everything together, I also became aware that every fin was someone I had surfed with'.