Projection Art Program
  • Last updated:
  • 26 Jun 2018

Council has a number of high resolution data projectors for registered artists to loan for large scale public art projection installations. The intention is to:

  • build skills
  • provide employment opportunities
  • create outdoor events which cater to a wide audience and have a low carbon footprint.

The projectors are only available for use by artists that have been commissioned to design a projection for an event or installation. The projectors are:

  • Mitsubishi XD3500U 5000 ANSI Lumens 2500:1, and comes with a short throw and long throw lens.
  • EB G7500U Projector with ELPLM08 lens.
  • Epson EB-G5450 WUNL Projector.

Process for borrowing projector

Council has established a database which includes a number of leading artists. These artists are experienced in creating and delivering cutting edge projection installations for small or large scale events. To express interest in borrowing the projector, it is recommended that artists:

  1. register on the Projection Artist Register
  2. email the Public Art Curator with details of the project via
  3. if the project loan is approved, the artist will sign an agreement stating that they take responsibility for the projector and will return it in the same state as it was borrowed.

Projection Artist Register

The Projection Artist Register is an internal tool used to collect local artist details.

Council staff will utilise the register to:

  • access the local network of artists when projection opportunities arise within the region
  • undertake targeted consultation with the regional artistic community.

To be added to the Projection Artist Register, complete the Projection Artist Register Form.

Conditions for borrowing the projector

The projector is to be borrowed under the following conditions:

  • The projector is to be used only by the artist that signs the agreement.
  • The projector is to be used only at the event or installation stated in the agreement.
  • The projector is to be used only for the projection proposed as stated in the agreement.
  • No logos, other than those approved by council, will be displayed in any projections.
  • Council must be recognised in some form for their support.
  • No advertising will be displayed in any projections.


For more information, email


Artist: Möbius

Thanks to the access to high-end projectors for large scale light art, I have been able to expand my experience and exposure as an artist rapidly. It has enabled me to now work with the likes of Woodford Folk Festival and Queensland Museum on large projection art installations.