Place2Diverge | Pivot
  • Last updated:
  • 14 May 2020

Creative collaborators Samantha Taylor and Penny Gale present PIVOT - investigating how we re-engage when we must be physically distant? Step into something different with their portals – virtual connections back to each other’s domestic space. Build your own portal – home creative-friendly instructions provided. Connect into their Instagram residency from 6th to 19th June 2020.

Once pandemic restrictions ease, PIVOT will invite the community to re-engage with their surroundings and those around them. The work embodies the concept - already catalysed by COVID - of diverging from our habitual daily patterns and making small adjustments in our lives to make space for wonder. PIVOT uses mixed media assemblage to energise a re-think of what might be an ordinary space into a positive and uplifting experience of the Caloundra CBD.

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