Place2Wonder | Street Love
  • Last updated:
  • 12 Aug 2020

Artist Kellie O’Dempsey’s Street Love celebrates community as a place of care and kindness. She invites collaborators and audiences to share in a participatory exchange incorporating hybrid creative genres including projection, video, collage and digital drawing.

Kellie has created a digital extension of Street Love for home-creatives to print and embellish an artist-designed mask. Choose the wondrous artwork by Adam Anderson or Sophie Reid-Singer (or both!)

DOWNLOAD masks designed by Adam Anderson[6040KB] and Sophie Reid-Singer[361KB]. Please share your creations on social media #place2wonder. The masks can be worn to the vibrant street celebration, transforming Caloundra’s Felicity Park into a sound, vision and performance wonderland – complete with neon drawings, roving performers, drumming and DJs.

Program available soon. In the meantime, stay inspired and updated via InstagramFacebook and online.

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