Place2Listen | Beats x Caloundra
  • Last updated:
  • 18 May 2020

Beats by Caloundra invites you to go inwards and visit that pumping, unifying, whispering rave in your chest. Choreographers/artists/provocateurs Ashleigh Musk and Michael Smith are recording heartbeats in an attempt to find out what gets Caloundra pumped. 

The collaborators have flipped their concept in the name of COVID, giving their hearts over to the community. They are inviting actions - from handstands to slow walks – which will be performed, transformed (into a poetic cardiogram) and delivered (to inboxes and postboxes) by way of postcards.

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Like their Instagram residency from 15th to 28th May 2020.

When the pandemic restrictions allow, Beats x Caloundra will hit the streets and laneways - inviting Caloundra residents to share what’s keeping them alive and recording their back-up beats. Remixed for a listening party, this will be the soundtrack of a vibrant community.