Gallery Seventy Seven
  • Last updated:
  • 01 Apr 2021

Gallery Seventy-Seven is a unique gallery space situated at 77 Bulcock Street Caloundra. The photographic artwork, visible only at night, is illuminated through the windows and viewed by the public passing by on Bulcock Street and through Felicity Park Caloundra.

Browse a unique collection of images from local photographers and artists.

Currently exhibiting is:

Ketakii Jewson-Brown

After being gifted camera in her teens, Ketakii’s love of capturing moments began. As a mother Ketakii has been forced to confront time and energy constraints in her arts practice. Through this she has become interested in highlighting and preserving moments that are oft unseen: the domestic, the mundane, the ordinary. She also brings a sense of play and playfulness to a lot of her imagery, noticing that play is an essential ingredient to a full life and doesn't lessen the impact or depth of an image. A natural observer, she feels highly responsive to the contradictions of everyday life. Using poetry, still photography and more recently the moving image, the majority of Ketakii’s work has this “domestic” theme as its inspiration and the balance of art and the everyday at its centre.