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  • 16 Dec 2019

Despite the array of plants and animals that are found on the Coast, the area's biodiversity is in decline. The Sunshine Coast is home to 91 plants and 68 animals that are listed as rare and threatened under Queensland's Nature Conservation Act 1992. Overall 160 flora and 198 fauna species have been deemed as significant to the Coast, for reasons such as being listed under state or federal legislation, being considered to be endemic (only found on the Sunshine Coast), reaching their northern or southern distributional limit here on the Coast, or for cultural heritage reasons.

These species have suffered particularly badly from the effects of vegetation clearing, pests and weeds and unsustainable land use. Another contributing factor to their decline is that some of them require very specific types of habitat for survival. For example, vulnerable animals such as the ground parrot and wallum sedge frogs must live in boggy swamps. Draining, filling and developing swampy land, which has occurred extensively across the Coast, has reduced available habitat by removing the conditions they need to live.

The following lists (excerpts from the Sunshine Coast Biodiversity Strategy) include animals and plants that are listed as rare or threatened under state or federal legislation, as well as species that are significant to the Coast for other reasons.

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For more information on threatened species, recovery and action plans visit Queensland's Department of Environment and Heritage Protection website or find out more about species protected by federal legislation on the Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities website.