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Saving with solar
  • Last updated:
  • 31 Aug 2021

The Sunshine Coast is on its way to becoming a clean energy region.
More than 40% of all homes have solar panels and the Sunshine Coast Solar Farm is exceeding expectations.

There are more renewable energy options now than ever before. So, council is working with independent experts to bring you the latest information.

Over the next six months, we will bring you a range of:

  • free information sessions
  • events
  • webinars
  • presentations
  • regular renewable energy information updates. 

Recommended websites

Solar Quotes is an independent website, providing homes and businesses with multiple quotes for high quality solar energy systems. It contains over 25,000 genuine reviews of solar installers, solar panels and inverters. It features articles, blog posts and tools to help you navigate the solar power market.

WATTever is a free electricity retailer comparison site, comparing every electricity retailers in Australia. Comparisons include solar feed-in tariffs based average estimated daily solar generation. WATTever is an independent, impartial Australian family business and is not owned by any energy industry participants or retailers.

Renew Economy is Australia’s leading renewable energy website, widely read among the renewable energy industry and policy-makers, and others with a strong interest in the transition to a low carbon economy. The website brings clean energy news and analysis, as well as climate policy and global trends.

One step off the grid is a sister site to Renew Economy, providing information to residents, businesses, communities and those off-grid about new technologies, government rebates, articles and all the latest news.

Living Smart Website - The newly revamped Living Smart website covers everything from building, renewable energy, food leftovers, even gardening. Living Smart is about what we do every day – it is how we live, eat, shop and play. Find useful life hacks to save time and money while creating a healthy living environment with your family.

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