Sunshine Coast Rivers Initiative
  • Last updated:
  • 10 Jun 2019

The Rivers Initiative is delivered by council and a broad range of partners and collaborators who represent over 30 catchment and land care groups and other government agencies.

It is a program of waterways health monitoring, river restoration, pollution prevention and community education, rolled out across the region’s six river catchments. The focus of the Rivers Initiative is to protect and improve of Sunshine Coast’s natural waterways to ensure:

  • community values of waterways are upheld 
  • water quality is maintained or improved
  • degraded habitat are restored
  • pollution is reduced
  • sustainable land use practices are adopted
  • on-river activities are well managed.

Natural waterways are central to the Sunshine Coast lifestyle and livelihoods. They provide important ecological services, cultural heritage and recreational opportunities and contain unique species and habitats. Waterways also support water-dependent commercial business, tourism, fishing and agricultural industries.

National Riverprize winners

On 29 September 2011 at the 14th annual International RiverSymposium in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast Rivers Initiative was awarded the Australian National Riverprize.

The Riverprize was presented by the International RiverFoundation in recognition of the development and implementation of outstanding, visionary and sustainable programs in river management - it is one of the world’s most prestigious environmental awards.

See the National Riverprize presentation on You Tube: Presentation of the National Riverprize.


Rivers Initiatives representatives have formed a steering committee to develop an operating framework for future projects to be implemented under the River Initiative banner.

The prize money (+ interest) is held in trust by the International RiverFoundation. As a condition of being awarded the Riverprize, an allocation of $50 000 has been earmarked to support development of a Twinning Program.


The Rivers Initiative is delivered collaboratively under the umbrella of the Sunshine Coast Waterways and Coastal Management Strategy through the core areas of:

  • planning and policy
  • partnerships
  • education and advocacy
  • science
  • on ground works.

It unites an impressive collection of achievements involving improvements to creek-side vegetation, in-stream habitat, and land management practices as well as range of waterway health planning and research projects.

Related information

For more information, please contact council to speak with the Waterways, Coastal and Catchment Unit.