Pelican Waters Lock
Pelican Waters Lock Flood Mitigation
  • Last updated:
  • 20 Jul 2021

The purpose of the lock at Pelican Waters is to allow the passage of water craft between Pelican Waters Northern Lake and Lamerough Canal, while controlling a stable water level within Pelican Waters Northern Lake.

Prior to 2016, the lock was operated by council for flood control. Following consultation with expert consultants at this time, it was determined that the operation of the lock gates had no beneficial effects in reducing the peak water levels in the golf course lakes, and that the effect of opening the lock was limited to the Northern Lake only. Furthermore, given that the lock was not designed for flood control it was found that continued operation of the gates in this manner could result in significant damage to the lock structure.

In light of these findings, and following extensive community consultation, the decision was made to cease this method of operation. The following documents provide the results of the consultants’ findings:

For more information regarding Pelican Waters Lock, or to speak with the Coastal, Constructed Water Bodies and Planning Manager, please contact council.