Coastal Working Together Transcript
  • Last updated:
  • 30 Jun 2020

0:03 Cr. Mark Jamieson, Mayor Sunshine Coast Council

The Sunshine Coast has a great culture of volunteers.  Keeping our coast healthy and beautiful is a key driver for coast care, wildlife carers, board rider associations, surf lifesavers, reef check and many other individuals and organisations who actively work to keep the Sunshine Coast a beautiful and healthy place for everyone to enjoy.

Sunshine Coast Council has really strong partnerships with our coastal community groups and that means we work together on projects like dune revegetation, rubbish collection, the protection of coastal fauna and on water quality monitoring.

0:40 Voice over

Council has developed plans, policies and programs to manage and protect our coastal public lands for the benefit of the Sunshine Coast Community. An essential part of developing coastal policies and plans is informing and consulting with the Sunshine Coast community and stakeholders to ensure that there is a shared understanding of how we manage our coast together.

1:07 Tony Gibson, Volunteer Marcoola Coast Care

The role of coast care is to be an environmental group that supports the maintenance of our natural environment, and Sunshine Coast Council supported us getting going and the rehabilitation of the dunes is one of the things we do, then we do community education.

So what we’re doing today is planting up these dunes and to preserve it we are going to put some fencing in which will manage the traffic onto the dunes. We’ve got a nice soft sand dune, which are well planted out, and hopefully these dunes will hold a lot better.

1:46 Kate Winter, Wildlife Management Conservation Officer, Sunshine Coast Council.

We have quite a variety of coastal fauna here along our beaches. Specifically though, we have the endangered Loggerhead Turtle, who nest right here in the dunes. But we also have some quite amazing dunal birds. We even have the Osprays and Brahminy kites that feed up along this stretch, and not to mention the quiet incredible reptiles that in and amongst the beach forest.

Council’s marine turtle management program TurtleCare, is where Council and community volunteers work together to protect sea turtle nests along our beaches. You can protect our marine turtles by making sure you report any turtle tracks that you see on the beach to Council’s customer service line.

2:26 Michael Gillies, Community Nature Conservation Officer, Sunshine Coast Council

The broader community have the key role to play in the rehabilitation of the dunal environment. And that can be just not walking across the dune, reducing the traffic on the dune, not boogie boarding down the face of the dune, getting involved in your local community group rehabilitating the foreshore area.

The Sunshine Coast has approximately 100km of coastal foreshore that we manage, and certainly it’s a huge task and without the volunteers it would be almost an impossible task to undertake.