Coastal Discovery Van
  • Last updated:
  • 17 Jun 2020

The Coastal Discovery Van is a new educational tool, fitted with interpretative and information displays. These show coastal processes that influence our beaches and waterways. They also provide information on the key natural coastal values of the region.

Some of these processes can impact on valued assets such as community buildings, our homes and roads. Whilst visiting the van, you can learn how council protects these assets through a variety of management tools. You can also find out about the many ecosystems that play a key role in our coastal environment. As well as the geological features formed on our coast and how they've changed over time. To learn more about these coastal processes, you can become a Coastal Guardian using the online passport[3944KB].

Check out these virtual lessons about our amazing coast:

Lesson 1 - Coastal processes


Lesson 2 - Geological coastal features


Lesson 3 - Marine debris, microplastics and plankton


Movement and schedule

The Coastal Discovery Van will move around coastal locations, celebrating the coastal environment of each spot. It will also promote partnership and citizen science programs such as CoastSnap.

The van will be back at a coastal location near you in mid July. Keep an eye on this web page and council's social media channels for details of where the van will be at upcoming events and locations. 

If you are a business or group interested in having the van attend an event or community gathering, please contact coastal discovery.

Engaging with the Coastal Discovery Van

Wherever the van goes, residents and tourists are invited to immerse themselves in the wonder of our beaches and waterways.

Community engagement with our coastal projects is key to the success of the protection of our coastal assets. The van is an open space for meaningful discussion between residents and council.

To learn more about coastal management, please visit the coastal management web page.