Myrtle rust
  • Last updated:
  • 26 Mar 2020

In December 2010, myrtle rust was found in Queensland. Myrtle rust is a serious fungal disease which affects native plants including:

  • lilly pilly
  • beach cherry
  • water gum
  • bottle brush
  • lemon scented myrtle
  • tea tree
  • paperbark
  • claret top
  • rose apple.

Signs of infection are raised spots or pustules on leaves that turn an egg-yolk yellow colour.

Myrtle rust poses no threat to humans or animals. Infected trees may:

  • become deformed
  • lose its leaves
  • dieback
  • have stunted growth
  • die.

Things you can do

  • Look for and report myrtle rust immediately to Biosecurity Queensland on 13 25 23.
  • Do not move any plant material you suspect may be infected.
  • Spread the word, not the disease, by informing your family and friends.

Further information

Visit the Biosecurity Queensland website.