• Last updated:
  • 09 Sep 2019

Foxes are an introduced pest species that can live in nearly all areas on the Sunshine Coast from the hinterland to the coastal dunes.

Foxes are a threat to the survival of native animals including the Long-nosed potoroo, Eastern ground parrot and Water mouse. Foxes are a declared pest due to the significant impact they have on the environment. It is the responsibility of landholders to control declared pests on their property.

Assistance for residents

Sunshine Coast Council provides the following services to assist residents to control foxes:

  1. On-site property assessments and advice on how to fox proof poultry
  2. Assistance to set up and operate trapping and monitoring equipment
  3. Coordination of control programs to reduce fox impacts in areas of high conservation value

Refer to the fox control fact sheet[2288KB].

Please contact council to report suspected den locations or request assistance with the control of foxes on your property or complete the feral animals incident / sightings report[361KB].

Further information

Refer to the following council video clips for more information:

Images courtesy of the Queensland Government's Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.

  • Fox proof your poultry

    Many residents are unaware they have a fox in their area until their poultry are attacked. Residents can prevent fox attacks by keeping poultry secured in a fox proof enclosure during the night. To learn how to prevent foxes from attacking your poultry see the Fox proof your poultry information sheet.

  • Coastal fox control program

    Foxes are likely to be suppressing local native wildlife including threatened species such as water mice, ground parrots and endangered loggerhead turtles at the egg and hatchling stage. An annual control program is being conducted to reduce the impact of fox predation on native animals in coastal areas. See council's coastal fox control program for more information

  • Fox ecology

    To learn about fox ecology see the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Fox fact sheet.