Feral cats
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  • 09 Sep 2019

Feral Cats are those that are born on the wild, in some cases domestic cats are abandoned or stray from a domestic situation, these cats then revert to a semi-feral (wild) state. Semi-feral cats scavenge rubbish scraps and shelter in abandoned structures. The true feral cat does not rely on humans at all, obtaining its food and shelter from the natural environment.

Feral cats are considered to be a serious threat to native animals. They hunt and kill large numbers of native animals. Feral cats also spread toxoplasmosis, which is a disease that is particularly harmful to wallabies and kangaroos.

Feral cats are a declared pest due to the significant impact they have on the environment. It is the responsibility of landholders to control declared pests on their property.

Council assistance

Sunshine Coast Council provides the following services to assist residents to control feral cats:

  1. Provision of trapping equipment

  2. Assistance to set up and operate trapping equipment

  3. Humane euthanasia of trapped feral cats

Refer to the feral cat control fact sheet[1580KB].

Please contact council for advice or assistance with the control of feral cats on your property or complete the feral animals incident / sightings report[361KB].

Image courtesy of the Queensland Government's Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.

  • Feral cat ecology and control

    For more information about feral cat ecology and control methods, see the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Feral cat fact sheet.